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Welcome to Be Hot Yoga.

The hottest Yoga Studio in beautiful downtown Naples!

Powered by infrared radiant heat system, our students practice in temperatures ranging from a hot 105 degree Bikram style to our 80 degree Yin class! 

Classes will vary in temperature, intensity and style of teacher. We welcome everyone to try a variety of classes which can be modified to your fitness needs. 

 At Be Hot Yoga, we believe in a Total Health Approach that combines physical and emotional healing. We provide on site counseling by Certified Health Professionals. All health and wellness services are by appointments only.  

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Be Hot Yoga was founded in 2022, by the former instructors of a local hot yoga studio destroyed by hurricane Ian. We are dedicated to revive the Yoga community in East and Old Naples. 

Be Hot Yoga has the hottest studio in Naples and some of the best instructors and Hot Yoga, Barre, Buti and Yin classes in the area. We pride ourselves on developing creative, energizing and fun classes, while connecting to our members, building friendships, and creating a strong Yoga community.

We have a Total Health Approach and combine physical and emotional healing. You will see and feel the differences in your body, mind and overall health.

See our sister company Total Health Concepts for further information on our Mental Health and Nutritional Counseling Services. 


Hot Yoga is a type of yoga that is performed in a heated room, usually between 90-105° F. The practice has many benefits, including:

Increased Flexibility: The heat allows for deeper stretching which increases your range of motion and flexibility.

Detoxification: The heat and humidity of hot yoga classes can help stimulate sweating which helps rid the body of toxins.

Improved Cardiovascular Health: The heat helps to increase the heart rate which leads to improved cardiovascular health and better circulation.

Increased Strength: Hot Yoga requires the use of muscles throughout the body to maintain balance, leading to increased strength and toning.

Stress Relief: The practice of hot yoga can be an excellent way to relieve stress and calm the mind, as it requires a focus on breath and movement.

Improved Mental Focus: The challenging nature of hot yoga helps improve mental focus and concentration

Boosted Immune System: The combination of heat and movement helps boost the immune system leading to better overall health

Weight Loss: The heat and physical intensity of hot yoga helps to burn calories, aiding in weight loss.

Overall, Hot Yoga is a challenging yet rewarding practice that provides numerous benefits for both the body and mind.